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Group photo of Chakotay's Maquis crew, before the Caretake incident. Well, not his whole crew, obviously, just the cool people.

Ok, even if you're as much of a "Voyager" feak as I am, you're probably wondering who half of these people are. So starting with the tattooed stud-muffin on the right and working clockwise:
Chakotay (obviously)
Seska, in her Bajoran disguise
Lon Suder (the homicidal psycho from "Meld" and "The Basics")
Tom Paris
B'Elanna Torres
Tabor and Jore, the lovebirds on the left (Tabor is in "Nothing Human", and both are in "Repression")
Ayala, behind B'Elanna (that security crewman who you see in the background of every episode. I was as surprised as you to learn that he has an actual name.)
Chell, the blue guy (he's in a few episodes)
and Tuvok, trying his best not to look suspicious

I love the Maquis, they were so awesome. Really sucks how they got their butts whooped by the Dominion, in DS9. But I guess that's just what they get for naming their resistance movement after something French.

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"С твоей любовью, с памятью о ней, всех королей на свете я сильней". / Шекспир Уильям/
И я люблю маки :)
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